Workshops & Symposia

Over the last six years we have hosted two workshops and one symposium on topics related to AT, rehabilitation and low-resourced settings. See the following links to view abstracts and video of the presentations. 

First Workshop on Technology and Disability in the Developing World (2009)

The first workshop brought together researchers and practitioners interested in information technology and assistive devices and disability in the developing world to share knowledge and start building partnerships. View abstracts and video.

Second Workshop on Technology and Disability in the Developing World (2010)

The second workshop focused on low-cost assistive technologies (AT) appropriate for developing country environments and addressed topics such as affordability, safety, durability, utility, maintenance, infrastructure limitations (e.g. lack of electricity, lack of personnel trained in providing AT services), and socio-cultural relevance. View abstracts and video.

Symposium on Disability, Technology and Rehabilitation in Low and Middle Income Countries (2013)

The symposium covered high priority topics in the field of disabilities and development including rehabilitation services, assistive technology, health access and human rights. View symposium information, pictures, and video.


Study Abroad

In the summer of 2013, we led a University of Washington study abroad course to Brazil. The course addressed disability in an international context using Brazil as a cultural, political, and socioeconomic context. View the course syllabus and the course blog.

We are planning another study abroad in 2016 to South Africa. We will post more information here as it becomes available. 


University of Washington Global Health Resources

The UW has many educational resources related to Global Health. We have linked a few below.