Keynote Speaker: Chapal Khasnabis

Chapal Khasnabis

Technical Officer
Disability and Rehabilitation team
The World Health Organization

Key responsibilities:

  • Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)
  • Mobility/Assistive Devices

Mr Chapal Khasnabis is a prosthetists/orthotist by profession. However seeing the need, in the developing world in particular, he gradually moved to the world of community health and Community-based rehabilitation (CBR). After working for 15 years with Ministry of Health and Ministry of Social Welfare (Government of India), he founded a Nongovernmental organization (NGO) 'Mobility India' in 1994 to work more for the poor and disadvantaged.

Mr Khasnabis has worked in many developing countries on behalf of International NGOs and the World Health Organization (WHO). Mr Khasnabis is currently a Technical Officer in the Disability and Rehabilitation team in the department of Violence and Injury Prevention and Disability of the World Health organization. His responsibilities include the promotion of Community-based rehabilitation (CBR) and mobility/assistive devices. He is the key architect and chief editor of the CBR Guidelines, which is a joint publication of WHO, ILO, UNESCO and IDDC. He uses 34 years of his work experience in government, NGOs and International Organizations to highlight the need for and benefit of CBR and assistive devices. He is also the editor of the WHO Wheelchair Guidelines, Wheelchair Service Training Packages, Technical Guide on CBR and Leprosy, and Joint position paper on the provision of mobility devices in less resourced settings.