Symposium on Disability, Technology and Rehabilitation in Low and Middle Income Countries

With registrants from over 57 countries in person and by webcast, the Symposium was a great success (see map showing countries represented). Many thanks to all our volunteers, sponsors, and presenters. 

Presentation Video

Video is posted in two formats:

  1. Collaborate: Video is streamed from the Collaborate server and may require a Java update; however captions are available to assistive technology. Collaborate video is broken into several large sessions, but a viewer can fast forward through the presentations using the scroll bar on the bottom of the screen. 
  2. Youtube: Videos are screenshots of the Collaborate window made available on Youtube. Captions can be seen on the screen, but are not available to assistive technology. Youtube video is broken into individual presentations. 

Collaborate Videos

  • June 27th Session 1--(Beginning of the day – Derrick Cogburn)

  • June 27th Session 2--(Antony Duttine - End of the day)

  • June 28th Session 1--(“Promoting Accessibility” panel)

  • June 28th Session 2--(“Disability and Access to Health Care - A Community Based Descriptive Study Presentation” and “Building Research Capacity” panel)

  • June 28th Session 3--(“Human Resources & Training Programs” and “Rehabilitation Services – Models and Systems” panels)

  • June 28th Session 4--(“Creating the enabling environment for disabled people to participate as equal members of society in Sierra Leone”, “Looking Forward: Making AT and Rehabilitation a Priority” and Closing Remarks)

Youtube Video

Day 1

Day 2